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NorthStar Performance Partners, LLC | Minneapolis, MN

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Todd Thiewes

Vice President of Sales

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Todd Thiewes has been successfully selling and leading sales professionals for over 20 years. His career includes a successful track record as an independent sales representative, senior marketing manager and regional sales manager. His experience has allowed him to exercise creative and innovative ways to motivate, lead and inspire many sales professionals and clients.

Todd most recently trained and directly managed top sales representatives in an international company. He worked to lead them to the top of their personal businesses and their industry. He has utilized numerous sales training tactics only to find them pale in comparison to those offered by Sandler Training. Todd realized that sales is a behavioral change that needs to be coached just as you would any top athlete. For Todd and his team, Sandler Training provided this type of change. The success when he implemented the Sandler System was impressive. His team and company realized increases in productivity and sales growth amongst those that embraced the program.

Todd received his B.A. degree in Sales and Marketing from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. He lives in the South Metro of Minneapolis with his wife Sarah and two children. His passion for leading others is evident in his personal activities. Todd is a coach, archery instructor and dedicated chauffeur to his family’s many music, sporting and outdoor activities.

"Sandler Training was a great investment in my career as an insurance consultant. It provided me with great sales techniques but more importantly a great communication model. Sandler Training taught me to have a sales process and by having that sales process it has helped me close sales in one meeting rather than having multiple meetings before writing the business."

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