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There’s always a need for performance-driven, professional salespeople. Sales is a great field it has advantages that few other careers can claim. This outlines some of the advantages of a sales career. But how will you maximize these opportunities?

  1. Selling solves problems and fulfils needs. — What you're selling will either relieve pain or provide pleasure. Depending on what you sell, customers will be better able to solve problems, make more money, serve others better, enhance their self-esteem, improve their knowledge, or fulfill a heart's desire. When you do your job, you help people get what they want out of life.
  2. Only your efforts and creativity limit your potential. — Selling is the classic example of pay-for-performance. This explains why so many high-energy, focused people are attracted to sales. Their level of achievement—and their income has no ceiling.
  3. Selling provides an opportunity to work with people. — Are people exasperating? Absolutely. Will they give you heartaches, headaches, and stomachaches? Without question. But they are also fun, exciting, and challenging. As a salesperson, you experience this exhilarating challenge every time you go to work.
  4. Selling may be the purest form of empowerment. — When you sell, you have to solve problems on the spot. You are accountable for solving a customer’s problem then and there. While everyone else in your company may be debating the pros and cons of empowerment, you are living it.
  5. Selling is a psychological high. — Many workers finishing an eight-hour shift are not relishing their next change to return to the assembly line. But look at any salesperson who has just closed an important deal, landed a new customer, or solved a current customer’s problem. You’re watching a winner.
  6. Selling makes you test your mettle every day. — Every time athletes step onto the playing field, they have to prove themselves. They’re only as good as their next performance. Sales provides you the same opportunity to show your stuff.
  7. Selling provides immediate feedback on your performance. It’s also unmistakable. — The reactions you get from buyers and customers leave no doubt of how you’re doing. You can use that feedback to constantly improve. Every time you present yourself and your product, you have a chance to sharpen your skills.
  8. Selling generates revenue-the lifeblood of a company. — A company makes money only when a customer decides to buy its product. You help the customer make that decision. As long as you’re generating sales, you have little reason to worry about job security.
  9. Selling is the direct communication link between the customer and the company. — Salespeople are in the best position to monitor market trends. Your customers tell you exactly what’s right and wrong with your product, what to improve, and what to leave alone. You hear about their pains and frustrations, and you hear about their dreams and aspirations. You are the eyes and ears of the company.
  10. Selling provides a path for upward mobility. — Sales is a highly visible office in most companies. When you succeed, everyone in your company as well as your competitors know it. Your chance for advancement increased in direct proportion to your sales success.
  11. Sales prepares you for other careers. — The on-the-job training you get in sales is unparalleled. You succeed in sales only by being an effective presenter, psychologist, sociologist, planner, peacemaker, negotiator, consultant, leader, follower, financier, and deliverer.

Have you ever heard, “Sales is no place to get your emotional needs met?” It’s true. To be a high producer, an A-player, you must develop the winning attitudes, behaviors, and techniques combined with a defined and repeatable sales process. Winging it won’t get you there.


Excerpt from, The Art and Skill of Sales Psychology; Why Buyers and Sellers Do What They Do, - Brad McDonald, Author - PURCHASE THE BOOK
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