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One of the most dangerous parts of the selling process is just after successfully closing a large order for a major account or after a record month of successful sales. David Sandler used to recall a story about Wally Weak-closer.  After one of those incredible months when Wally closed ten for ten, he sat on the side of his bed with a sock in his hand saying, "I'm good, but I'm not that good." Wally then goes out and the next month is very bad. In fact, he only closes one or two small sales.

At the end of the month he finds himself on the edge of his bed again changing into his pajamas saying, "Well, I know I am bad, but I am not that bad!" And the next month he goes out and gets back to his normal pattern.

What is going on here? Wally's picture of himself is what is driving his sales behaviours. He didn't think he was good enough to be a 10 for 10 sales person. He saw himself as far less capable. His attitude about himself and his capabilities got in the way of a regular pattern of success. Does that ever happen to you? Do you agree that you are making right now exactly what you think you are worth? Would you agree that what is limiting you is not the prospect; not the quality of the leads; not the marketplace; not your product or service, but your own belief about who you are and what you are capable of? Maybe you don't agree.

What happens if, after all the hoopla about new leads, all the announcements about the improvement in the marketplace and the economy, and all the investment in improving your product or service....what if you are still not earning what you want? What then?

So the real question beyond all these excuses for lack of sales is:

How do you move beyond your comfort zone?


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