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In Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich, R. U. Darby learned the secret of success. When all seemed hopeless in his search for gold, digging three more feet uncovered riches beyond Darby's wildest dreams.

People who want to give up on a goal because of some short-term discomfort are invariably discouraged. They are seldom engaged fully in what they are doing or with whom they are doing it, and have no idea how to move forward. They are often resigned, passive people who suffer from profound apathy. And, their chronic complaining changes nothing!

People who want to leave an uncomfortable situation often retreat to imaginary places, and real places come off poorly in comparison. They can never make that imaginary place a reality, so they never go anywhere, and feel empty and cheated all their lives.

When faced with fear, worry, and self-doubt, going three more feet may well uncover the riches you seek. Be willing to work through set-backs and recognize that problems are temporary. Don't give up until you realize your goal.

Adversity is normal. When it messes with your goals and plans you have two choices. You can go to the corner and suck your thumb or you can take stock, readjust your plans and get moving. There are millions of stories of people who have faced disappointment in all professions. Actors, entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes and professionals have all faced disappointment. Within these same professions hundreds of millions have faced adversity and given up.

“Reality… what a concept.” says Robin Williams, “and it can be a barrier if you let it.”

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