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Every so often you may meet a new prospect who is very positive about you and your product because he’s heard about what you’ve done for someone else. What could be better? But is it real? And what do you do to ensure that it is real?

The traditional selling approach to this would be, “Thanks, I’m sure we can help you the same way we helped Bob at Acme Industries.” Your acceptance of the positive approach may have some repercussions if you don’t take it further.

Buyer: “I’m really excited about buying your product; Bob at Acme Industries tells me you’ve done amazing things for him.”

Seller: “Well, Bob’s a nice guy and says nice things about a lot of things. We’ll have to see if your situation is the same as his. I’m curious, what was it that Bob talked about that applied to you issue?”

At that point the prospect will begin to give more information and details about the exact nature of what his problems are. With your ability to react to his responses, you can dig into not only what he needs but why he needs it, how it will affect his business, the budget level he’s comfortable with, who else he involves in the decision, the rewards of making a decision or the consequences of not making a decision.

Just because the prospect thinks he wants what you sell doesn’t mean you can abstain from qualifying his interest and ability to move forward.

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