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“quick start” to the Sandler selling system

The Sandler Foundations® Course

The first step towards having your own system for selling effectively. The Foundation® Course will show you:

  • A process for shortening your sales cycle and increasing your close ratios
  • How to maximize your unique set of selling skills
  • Techniques to overcome buyer objections and stalls
  • The steps needed to quickly take control of a sales situation
  • When it makes sense not to present to a prospect
  • Behaviors and characteristics shared by successful sales people.

Gain this knowledge by learning the basics

Learn the Fundementals

Knowing the Sandler system is a powerful advantage that will give you an edge over competitors and improve your sales results.

The Foundations® Course also prepares you for the President’s Club. The President’s Club is a structured learning environment that uses the process of reinforcement to take you from knowing to owning the Sandler system. With the expertise from the President’s Club, you will never again wonder why the sale was won or lost - you will consistently achieve top results, regardless of the situation.


  • Sandler Selling System

    Each Foundations® member receives materials that outline the Sandler Selling System. The materials include audio recordings that both teach and reinforce the Sandler behaviors and techniques.

  • DISC assessment

    Additionally, you will receive a DISC assessment that gives you the keys to understanding your unique selling style. Knowing how you sell best lets you effectively communicate and maximize every selling situation.

  • One-on-one coaching

    One-on-one coaching is also included in the Foundations® Course. These sessions can target a particular problem area, work through a specific sales challenge that wasn’t covered in the materials or a class, and whenever a student simply needs additional help.