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NorthStar Performance Partners, LLC | Minneapolis, MN

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Online Solutions

The latest technologies, applied strategically for maximum efficacy.

Our suite of online diagnostic and reinforcement tools maximize the training investment and impact.

Maximize your investment in sales and management training with additional reinforcement 24/7.

Cutting-Edge Tech Gives You a Slight-Edge on the Competition

Save Time, Money & Resources

Our tech can help you to facilitate lead generation and new opportunity creation from existing accounts, increase outbound call efficiency, and inform better proposals to close more sales.


Communicate More Effectively

We love investing in technology to help you communicate with your prospects, clients, and team members to pre-call plan, track deals as they move deals along, and debrief sales calls.


Visualize the Intangibles

One of the greatest benefits of technology is being able to measure, track, and manage conceptual processes in dashboards, tools, and playbooks for better sales intelligence.


Five Mistakes in Technology Sales That Could Be Costing You Millions

Most technology salespeople rush the proposal stage without doing due diligence along the way to ensure success. Are you missing opportunities to shorten the sales cycle, increase close rates, and open doors to the actual decision makers?

Learn how to avoid these mistakes
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The traditional sales approach that I was using didn't fit my personality. So when you began to teach me how to act opposite of what the prospect expected, it was a good fit. How did I know it was working? Prospects would tell me. Some complimented me on the questions I prepared for the meeting, others would give me an appointment simply because of the respect I showed them via the 30 second commercial, or, I'd see the pain funnel in action. The result? Nine months after starting to use the Sandler Selling System, I place in the top five salespeople in our company, nationally. I still find myself needing to repeat modules, because the periodic reinforcement is helpful. For the first time in my life, I have a serious set of goals. The Sandler team and the Sandler system provide the mirror.

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