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The Sales Driven Leader

Your strategies for interacting with prospects from the time you first meet them to the time you make a presentation can have a greater impact on your likelihood of closing a sale...

This is one of the David Sandler quotes that makes a lot of salespeople sit up and take stock of their career and life...

Learning to ask great questions is better than learning to say great things...

Games are the result of Power Plays...

There is an invisible barrier that is holding you back...

In today’s environment, the cost of acquiring new accounts has skyrocketed. Studies over the years have shown that selling additional products and services to an existing client base can be more cost effective than spending time in new client development.

Can you answer the question, “What is rapport?” The French originated the word rapport, meaning “to bring or offer back.”

Becoming a good professional salesperson requires the same type of training that is required of other good professionals.

When asked, “How’s business?” most salespeople respond with “Great!” “Terrific!” “OK, I guess,” “Not so good,” or “Good, all things considered.” Most of these replies translate to, “I don’t know.”

Think about the way you buy. I’ll bet it’s usually an emotional response that has you pay good money for what you bought. It may as simple as the emotion of salivating for a yummy treat or it may be the internal need to buy a safe product to protect your family.

Salespeople soon discover a transcendent truth about human behaviour. People are unsure, sometimes fickle. Buyer’s remorse is a risk you face each time you close a sale. But, there are strategies to help you minimize that risk.

Sadly, this is a damaging disease that afflicts many sales people. It occurs when a salesperson launches into a sales presentation or develops a quote before the timing and conditions are right. Why does this happen?


Let’s be honest about cold calling. It’s not a lot of laughs. I believe the reason cold calling is disliked and therefore fails is we have the wrong goals and expectations for the exercise.


When you hear about your competition falling down on the job and providing poor service, isn't it tempting to want to tell everyone on your prospect list?


As salespeople we need to act as if we are running our own company. Do you know where you want your company to be to be 3, 5, 10 years from now?


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Having a big pipeline of “prospects” is typically seen as desirable. The more prospects you put into the pipeline, the more will eventually emerge as customers.