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There is a magic in being in the sales profession. And, that magic is the opportunity to "pay the price" for success—just once. And when you do, no one can take that from you.

The average individual makes approximately seven career changes during his working life. Diagrammed, it would resemble not a straight line but would look more like a slowly rising roller-coaster course. Each change requiring a hesitation step, a backward move before the individual begins heading upward again. This is difficult enough professionally, and even more difficult if you consider the stress being placed on the individual and his family as they adjust and readjust to the accompanying financial and family pressures.

These same people tend to overlook the fact that life has a beginning and an end. They allow their work to consume as much as 75% of their time, depriving themselves of life's abundant gifts. How many of these struggling individuals find themselves sitting by the roadside of life watching the winners go by?

The secret is to discover early in life how unnecessary it is to start over, again and again. Instead, be smart enough to search out and grab hold of a vehicle, which will propel you towards your goal.

You took the first step in fulfilling your life's goals when you chose the selling profession as your vehicle. You have the opportunity to realize a long-term payoff, if you are smart enough to make a short-term investment of time and energy. This can be the year you lock up your future. Carrying through on what you have prepared yourself to do—one day at a time—will reap the rewards waiting to be harvested. This is the time to make a new resolve to do whatever it takes to gain for yourself and your family... financial freedom, personal growth, and professional success.

The vehicle is in your hands. You provide the magic!

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